Consonance is a contemporary candle house with emphasis on ethereal fragrances. 

My background of years in the coffee industry has deeply informed my love for olfactory magic + a focus for details + balance, highlighting suprising + stunning botanical elements. Consonance candles are proprietary blends of up to fifteen botanicals in each candle, making them complex yet approachable. My fragrances move beyond simply floral or woodsy single scents and are built for those inviting ritual and soul into their home.

Ingredients are everything. I use  perfectly fragrant + unaltered coconut + beeswax for a honey like glow in all Consonance pours. Consonance wicks are 100% hemp. Fragrances are crafted using essential oils, tinctures, fragrance oils (never synthetic), and absolutes. I opt for recyclable, plastic-free packaging - labels and boxes are printed with vegetable ink, packaging is made from post-consumer materials, + a simplistic packing method is employed to minimize waste.

Consonance is a one woman shop - every element of Consonance is crafted by myself at my home in Colorado.